Speaker Craddick

Keel or be Keeled

This should not come as a surprise: I have been told by a source I trust that representatives of the speaker—I have no idea whether this means staff, political allies, members, or any particular individual—have approached the secretary of state’s office to ask that Terry Keel be named temporary parliamentarian

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December 8, 2008

Secret Disservice

Your daily space queen video! It’s worth clicking on just to see what I look like when I forget to sit on a telephone book. Paul Burka on the secret speaker’s ballot, and why he was for it before he he was against it. (Flip flopper.) Honorably mentioned: Speaker Craddick,

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October 28, 2008

Craddick hoarding cash

NOTE TO READERS: The Quorum Report’s Daily Buzz has an update on Craddick’s cash on hand. Please refer to it for the latest information. I am not going to post it here because I don’t want to seem to be taking credit for Harvey’s work. The bottom line is that