Steve Stockman

What does Larry Taylor want? [UPDATE]

Jul 13, 2011 By Paul Burka

On Tuesday [I tweeted (based on various reports) that Larry Taylor, the House GOP caucus chair, was going to run for Ron Paul’s congressional seat–the point being that if he did so, this would be highly beneficial for Joe Straus, as Taylor could emerge as a potential rival for speaker,…

Goat or Hero?

Apr 1, 1996 By Texas Monthly

How clueless is Congressman Steve Stockman? Plus: Life, death, and race in East Texas.

Steve Stockman
Congressman Clueless

Feb 1, 1996 By Mimi Swartz

Steve Stockman was supposed to have been a lethal weapon in the Republicans’ fight to unmake the Great Society. Instead the freshman legislator has been a loose cannon—an outsider in his own party.