Ted Cruz

The Paul Sadler Interview

Jan 21, 2013 By Brian D. Sweany

As the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate prepares for his final debate against Ted Cruz, he discusses why he thinks he can win, the state of the Democratic party, and what the word "troll" really means.

The Kay Place

Jan 21, 2013 By Brian D. Sweany

Kay Bailey Hutchison, the state’s senior senator and the first woman from Texas to hold that office, opens up about the changes in her party, why she decided to retire, and the governor’s race that got away. 

RedState’s Erickson praises Cruz choice for chief of staff

Dec 3, 2012 By Paul Burka

It’s Chip Roy, who was the chief ghostwriter for Rick Perry’s Fed Up! Erickson is especially impressedthat Cruz did not turn to a K Street lobbying firm for a chief, as many new members do. Erickson writes: [The decision] signals Senator-Elect Ted Cruz is not going to…

PPP: Cruz +10

Jul 30, 2012 By Paul Burka

The race has been moving in this direction for months now. Nothing Dewhurst has tried has changed the dynamics of the race at all. If anything, the millions Dewhurst has spent on TV have hurt his own campaign. The China ad and the Kids for Cash scandal ad…

The last debate is now history [see UPDATE, below]

Jul 23, 2012 By Paul Burka

Dewhurst gave his best performance of the campaign, but it may not matter.  He still has a tendency to be stiff and wooden. It’s almost painful to watch him struggle to achieve fluency. Cruz has a big edge as a speaker; he reeled off points, “One…two…three…four.” It was good debating…