March 5, 2014

Interview: Kim Dunn of Pit Stop Bar-B-Q

Owner/Pitmaster: Pit Stop Bar-B-Q; opened 2006 (2010 in current location)Age: 58Smoker: Wood-fired offset smokerWood: PecanKim Dunn learned to cook in her native Korea before she left in 1978. She then got her training in Louisiana cuisine by working at Popeye’s before shifting over to Texas barbecue as an owner of Colter’s BBQ

BBQ Joint Reviews |
March 4, 2014

Pit-Stop Bar-B-Q

The joint’s not big. There are just a few tables, and most customers take their order to go. Behind the small counter is Kim Dunn who opened this place four years ago after moving from nearby Belton. As someone who seems to genuinely enjoy her job, there’s a good chance

Religion |
October 30, 2013

Not Your Typical Hell House

Like many churches across the nation, Bethel Church, in Temple, produces a hell house, a faith-based haunted house. These houses draw severe criticism for stoking the culture wars, but Bethel's leaders want to be open and tolerant in their messaging. Are they succeeding?

The Texanist |
January 20, 2013

The Texanist

A fond look back at Temple, a.k.a. Ratsville and/or Tanglefoot, that fair burg wherein your dedicated advice columnist learned the location of the thin line between right and wrong.

Music |
December 1, 2009

Step Right Up

Press your jeans, pull on your boots, shine up your buckle, and come along on this two-stepping tour of classic country dance halls, from Tom Sefcik Hall, in Seaton, to Club Westerner, in Victoria.

Feature |
March 1, 2006

The Believer

Like Cindy Sheehan, Gary Qualls lost a son in Iraq. Unlike her, he doesn’t oppose the war.

The Ex Files |
May 31, 1999

Rip Torn

Not too long after I graduated from UT, I went back to play the part of Macbeth at Hogg Auditorium. I wanted to see how somebody like that—a verified homicidal psychopathic murderer—behaved, so I went to the Austin State Hospital. The university set it up for me, and the warden

Being Texan |
September 30, 1995

Swami Dearest

In the Hill Country, what was once the hallowed ranch of Walter Prescott Webb is now the sacred site of a mammoth new Hindu temple—and the home of a controversial ashram called Barsana Dham.