Texas Book Festival

author Holly George-Warren
The Secret Side of Janis Joplin

Oct 21, 2019 By Patricia Sharpe

Holly George-Warren's biography of the Port Arthur singer covers the drugs and excess, of course. But it also uncovers the hard-working professional hidden behind all the live-hard-die-fast trappings.

Heisman trophy winner Earl Campbell
Why Earl Campbell Matters

Oct 21, 2019 By Joe Levin

A new biography of ’The Tyler Rose’ demonstrates that the legendary running back’s insistence that he wasn’t a transformative racial figure was too modest by half.

The Big Sleep

Sep 17, 2013 By Sarah Bird

How I ended up spending my panel appearance at the Texas Book Festival lying on a bench and drooling on the floor.

Join Texas Monthly at the Texas Book Festival

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

TEXAS MONTHLY is proud to be a sponsor of the Texas Book Festival, which is held in Austin on October 16 and 17. For a complete listing of events, check out the official schedule. To see which sessions TEXAS MONTHLY editors and writers are participating in, see the schedule…

L. on Wheels

Jan 20, 2013 By John Spong

Eight days in a rental car with Larry L. King, the crotchety West Texan who has written some of the greatest magazine stories of all time, would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Except his biggest fan.

Casserole Queens and the Texas Book Festival

Oct 21, 2011 By Layne Lynch

Famous authors and avid readers will take the place of liberals and conservatives this weekend at the Capitol during the Texas Book Festival. And for all you cookbook hoarders out there, you better start compressing the spines of the books on your cluttered shelves and make some room. A number of Texas cookbook authors including Tyson Cole, Lou Lambert, Lisa Fain, and the Casserole Queens Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook will be joining the likes of Paula Deen and Alton Brown, turning the festival into a virtual Comic Con for foodies. Casserole Queens Pollock and Cook are first-time authors, and it was only a few years ago the two almost closed their Austin casserole delivery business. But then, the Food Network discovered the duo and featured them on its famous show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Bad news? They lost to Bobby in the chicken pot pie challenge. Good news? Their business took off and The Casserole Queens Cookbook has landed on The New York Times best seller list. I caught up with the Queens about life after the throwdown, their new cookbook, and what the future has in store for them. (Catch Cook and Pollock at the Texas Book Festival this Sunday in the Cooking Tent from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.) Of all types of cuisine, why casseroles? Sandy: In our cookbook, every one of the recipes starts with a family story. We could have done other foods, but casseroles really seem to embody that family sensibility we wanted to convey. Crystal: The beautiful thing about a casserole is that it’s a meal in one dish. Everything you need is one pot right in front of you. You built your image on the 1950's housewife. Why is that? Sandy: Our whole idea stemmed from casseroles, so the 1950's housewife image was a natural progression from that thought process. Before we started the business I had visited my family over the holidays, and my mom made a bunch of casseroles. I enjoyed it and noticed how everybody, from my dad down to my youngest niece, enjoyed it.

Eat, Read, Love: Your Quick Guide to Food Sessions at the Texas Book Festival

Oct 20, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

To me, the most delicious part of the Texas Book Festival (Oct 22 & 23) is its great round-up of food-related talks and sessions and cooking demos. Rather than slog through the full schedule, focus on food with our easy guide. FOOD SESSIONS FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2011 Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt, A Mess of Greens: Southern Gender & Southern Food 11:15–12:00 in the Capitol Extension Room E2.030 An associate professor of American studies at the University of Texas at Austin, Engelhardt discusses the origins of Southern cooking and their relations to gender, society, and race. Alton Brown, Good Eats 3: The Later Years 11:30–12:15 at the Paramount Theatre The Food Network personality and chef talks about his third Good Eats book, based on his often-hilarious, always-informative TV show. Lisa Fain, The Homesick Texan Cookbook 12:45–1:30 in the Capitol Extension Room E2.036 This Texan turned New York blogger has written a cookbook featuring the classic Texas favorites she missed after her move to the Big Apple. She talks about her experiences in a Q&A with Texas Monthly food editor and writer Pat Sharpe. Gabrielle Hamilton, Blood, Bones, and Butter 3:15–4:00 at the Capitol Auditorium Room E1.004 Chef and New York City restaurateur Gabrielle Hamilton describes how she got into the culinary world (through some “illegal” ways), and details recipes from her restaurant Prune.