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Texas Citrus Fiesta

It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Jan 1, 2005 By Texas Monthly

In 1932, when the Citrus Fiesta held its first PRODUCT COSTUME STYLE SHOW, Mission’s beauties slipped into outfits that were, shall we say, crude—just imagine the look, and smell, of models decked out in cabbage leaves. But technology and ambition over the years have led to a more sophisticated couture:…

King of the Crop

Jan 1, 2005 By Texas Monthly

Fairs, fests, and other reasons to get together. The Royal Coronation, one of the most anticipated events of the festival, takes place on January 27. Among those honored will be the new King Citrus, whose identity is top secret until the night of the ceremony. Jud Flowers, 2004’s king, shares…

Texas Citrus Fiesta

Jan 1, 2005 By Texas Monthly

Part folk art, part pageantry, Mission’s Texas Citrus Fiesta (January 21—29) is one of America’s classic festivals, displaying native creativity while promoting the area’s main export: fruit. Locals spend hundreds of hours decorating costumes and floats with Valley produce for the Product Costume Style Show and the Parade of Oranges,…

Around the State

Jan 1, 2001 By Texas Monthly

Dallas rolls out the red carpet for dance, theater, sports, and opera. Plus: San Antonio puts photographer Kathy Vargas on display; Beaumont gushes about the one hundredth anniversary of Spindletop; Mission juices up its Texas Citrus Fiesta; and East Texas shines under the lights of Broadway.