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texas redistricting

DOJ’s unpreclearance

Sep 20, 2011 By Paul Burka

Critics of the Justice Department’s refusal to grant preclearance to the Texas House and congressional redistricting maps will no doubt attribute DOJ’s action to politics. And no doubt politics had something to do with it. But I never thought that DOJ would approve a map that ignored the demographic facts,…

The Indiana redistricting case: Is it in point?

Mar 10, 2009 By Paul Burka

This was an interesting discussion. The same lawyer who was grilled by Wentworth and Tommy Williams (see “Liars and Stolen Maps,” below) was asked by Democrats about the applicability of the Supreme Court opinion upholding the constitutionality of Indiana’s Voter I.D. law. The lawyer’s answer was that the Indiana case…

Liars and stolen maps

Mar 10, 2009 By Paul Burka

The discussion in the Senate has gotten hot and heavy as the midnight hour approached. I missed the name of the witness, an attorney who had represented Texas Democrats in various redistricting cases. He attacked the Tom DeLay midcensus redistricting in 2003. Wentworth jumped in to point out that the…