Texas wine

Texas Wine of the Month: Hye Meadow Winery Junkyard Red 2012

Apr 23, 2014 By Jessica Dupuy

This month, we celebrate a red wine blend, the result of something you can get when you put a few different grapes together when there’s not enough to make a single-varietal wine. Sometimes wineries give these wines melodic, artistic names. In the case of Hye Meadow Winery, one of…

A Frozen Week for Texas Vineyards

Apr 17, 2014 By Jessica Dupuy

While many Texans were up late watching the Blood Moons, grape growers in the High Plains and the Hill Country spent their nights tending vines and hoping for the best. Both regions experienced below-freezing temperatures Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, and late spring freezes like these are the sort of…