The Alamo

The most famous site in Texas history, the Alamo has been interpreted and reinterpreted by every generation of Texans. The former mission in downtown San Antonio confounds visitors who expect a grand building to match the Alamo’s towering mythology. Instead they are confronted with “a squat and oddly configured structure that is in almost every way inscrutable,” wrote writer-at-large Stephen Harrigan, the author of the celebrated novel The Gates of the Alamo.

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March 1, 1997


Poetry about a 161-year-old battle is hardly what you’d expect from a high-minded political writer, but fifth-generation Texan Michael Lind has always been a maverick.

Texas History |
April 30, 1995

Davy Crock?

New York fireman Bill Groneman is disputing a critical piece of Alamo lore—and historians everywhere are burning mad.

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