Tom Craddick

Craddick Says Trial Lawyers Out to Get Him

Oct 25, 2007 By Paul Burka

The morning news clips carry a story from the Midland Reporter-Telegram about a speech Tom Craddick gave yesterday to the Downtown Lions Club in which Craddick said that the challengers to his speakership, Republicans all, are backed by trial lawyers who want to repeal the lawsuit reform he…

Don’t Messer with Texas’ Speaker

May 25, 2007 By Paul Burka

I assume that most readers know by now that Speaker Craddick and his consiglieri Bill Messer are the defendants in a lawsuit filed by Amazon Tours, Inc. of Dallas. The dispute involves the defendants’ request for a refund for a fishing trip that never took place. Thanks to the Quorum…

The Craddickal Right

Mar 1, 2002 By Patricia Hart

Tom Craddick of Midland wants to be the first Republican Speaker of the House in Texas since 1873. He may already have the votes, but his critics are questioning his tactics.

You Lose Again!

Mar 1, 1998 By Paul Burka

A billion-dollar drop in revenue? You bet. How politics ruined the Texas lottery.