News & Politics |
January 13, 2021

“Something Has To Change”

In the months after Merci Mack’s murder, Dallas’s trans community has expanded its organizing efforts. Meanwhile, the Lege is set to consider expansion of the state’s protections against discrimination.

Sports |
February 17, 2017

Greg Abbott v. The NFL

The NFL is threatening to pull out of Texas when it comes to event consideration, and the governor is fighting back.

The Daily Post |
June 10, 2015

What Should Austin and El Paso Do With the Streets Named “Bruce Jenner Lane”?

Neighborhoods in both Austin and El Paso have subdivisions with streets named after famous Olympians—including the 1976 Decathlon gold medalist who earned that medal when she went by the name “Bruce Jenner.” What do you do with those streets now that she’s living as Caitlyn? 

The Daily Post |
September 23, 2013

Can Transgender People Get Married In Texas?

The ongoing saga of Nikki Araguz—the transgender widow of a deceased firefighter, who's still fighting a legal battle for survivor's benefits—had its most recent appeal hearing this month. Until it's resolved, there will be a lot more questions than answers.