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April 6, 2009

The local option transit tax: what it’s all about

I'm intrigued by SB 855, John Carona's local option tax legislation to fund transportation improvements in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso have also attached themselves to the bill. It would seem that such a bill--a tax increase! and new fees!--wouldn't have much of a chance

Politics & Policy |
January 23, 2009

Let the (shell) games begin

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News this week, Gov. Rick Perry advocated an end to all diversions of gas tax money from the Highway Fund, which is used primarily to finance road construction. But two key senators believe the current budget estimates make that highly unlikely

Business |
April 30, 1974

Trolleys for Austin

Austin, a city of great natural beauty, with the Colorado River gliding by south of downtown and the pleasing congruence of hills and lakes flanking its west side, has a unique chance to beautify and humanize its central business district.Led by architect David Graeber, the East Sixth Conservation Society is