Wimberley Storm Warning

Apr 20, 2016 By Wes Ferguson

A year ago, the Blanco River overran its banks and devastated Hays County—just as a handful of government officials had predicted decades ago.

Still Bill

Jun 17, 2015 By John Nova Lomax

Houston goes a bit nuts over a storm that was nothing like the Memorial Day floods.

Gosh, It’s Nice Out

Jan 27, 2015 By Dan Solomon

Like our friends in New York, who avoided a blizzard, Texans are sitting pretty with some pretty great weather today. 

Joe Arellano, Meteorologist

Jan 1, 2012 By Sonia Smith

Arellano, who was born and raised in McAllen, is the meteorologist-in-charge at the National Weather Service forecast office in New Braunfels. His career, which began in 1976, has taken him all over Texas, as well as to Puerto Rico and Florida. There’s an old saying here in Texas: “Either you’re…

How to Chase a Tornado

Mar 31, 2009 By Andrea Valdez

The Rationale Texas soil is arguably Mother Nature’s favorite dance floor: More twisters touch down here annually than in any other state (132 on average). As a result, storm chasers consider the Panhandle and Red River Valley requisite destinations during tornado season (April through June). This activity won’t suit the…

Riders on the Storm

Jun 30, 1996 By Joe Nick Patoski

By the end of May, the weather in the Panhandle finally turned nasty, and two real-life tornado trackers cut to the chase.

Blown Away

Jun 30, 1996 By William Hauptman

Ninety-four years after the Goliad Tornado killed 114 people, why do we still ignore the warnings until it’s too late? A reflection on Texas’ worst twisters.