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Tastes of the Season

Tastes of the Season: Bonus Ad Submission Form

Tastes of the Season is a special bonus program for food and beverage advertisers. It will showcase advertiser recipes and photos in a formatted section produced by Texas Monthly.


  1. Fill out the form below. Every field is required.
  2. Click Submit.This will redirect you to iBackup.com, where you may upload a Word document that includes ONE recipe (250 words or less) and a photo of a prepared dish or cocktail OR a product shot (must be a Macintosh-compatible TIF or EPS file at 300 dpi or greater that is at least 4×6 inches).
  3. Log in to ibackup with the following information:
  4. Username: txmomarketing    Password: txmo2
  5. Locate folder named TASTES and click to open.
  6. Click Upload on the menu bar.
  7. Browse your computer for the file you wish to upload. Be sure to include the company name in the file name.
  8. Select your file and click Upload File.
  9. Check the menu page on iBackup.com to be sure the file appears. You’re done!

Texas Monthly’s web-based FTP server account on iBackup is for advertiser use only. Files that are uploaded will be downloaded and archived within 3 days. You will receive an email verifying that the file has been uploaded. Should any problems arise during processing, you will be called.

Files may not be deleted, tampered with, or downloaded by anyone other than the Texas Monthly Marketing Department.

  • For any questions, please contact:
    Amanda Mallard