Texas Book Festival 2020

The Austin-based celebration of literary culture begins October 31.

Like so many things right now—school, work, socializing, Halloween; pretty much everything but raking leaves—this year’s Texas Book Festival will bear little resemblance to its former self. The Austin-based celebration of literary culture, which begins this Saturday, October 31, and runs through November 15, will be held entirely online. Though this will deprive festival-goers of the opportunity to enjoy a moment of personal connection with a favorite author while getting a book signed, much of the event’s pleasures will remain intact. More than 150 authors will show up to talk about their lives and their work, read from their books, and take questions from the audience. Even the TBF’s pub-centric Lit Crawl will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a virtual update that one can enjoy from the comforts of home, cocktail or wineglass in hand. The author lineup is as impressive as ever, featuring celebrated authors from around the country and the world. And, as always, there will be many Texas authors on hand, such as Amanda Eyre Ward, Stephen Graham Jones, and Natalia Sylvester. Below is our coverage of a selection of the Lone Star writers and books you might encounter over the next few weeks.

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