Every week, we share dispatches from Texas Country Reporter, the long-running TV show that invites you to hop in and travel along to explore the back roads of Texas. 

In a small apartment near downtown Austin, Calder Kamin surrounds herself with trash. It’s organized and cleaned, but it’s still trash. And to her, the plastic refuse is a wealth of art supplies.

Kamin’s sculptures are nothing short of amazing, each one a colorful, optimistic challenge to a serious problem—our world is overflowing with garbage. The first time Kamin saw a bird’s nest with woven bits of plastic twine, she knew she wanted her future creations to always remind others to be more mindful of our discarded items and creative about our future.

In this video from Texas Country Reporter, Kamin gives viewers a peek at her process, from an excursion to Austin’s Creative Reuse center to the final touches of meticulous detail found in her work.