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Leslie Collier was a single mom when, almost on a whim, she took over one of the most iconic Western-furniture brands nearly twenty years ago.

Starting in 1929, Wylie R. Dallas was a fixture in the furniture world through the mid-twentieth century, handcrafting pieces for ranches, restaurants, hotels, and Hollywood film sets from his workshop in San Antonio. Over the years, his designs (produced under the brand W.R. Dallas) became valuable collector’s items, and when the company’s previous owner wanted to step back, Collier stepped up.

Under her stewardship, the Fischer-based workshop stays committed to Dallas’s legacy—new pieces are still made in Texas with the original, hand-drawn templates, and old pieces that have been passed down in families for generations are brought back to life.

In this video from Texas Country Reporter, Collier shares the history behind the W.R. Dallas brand.