As Texas Monthly learned earlier this summer, Brooklyn Decker has an impressive closet. The rest of her house isn’t bad, either—the 7,367-square-foot home boasts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a massive wine cellar, a full gym, an infinity edge pool, a hot tub, and four garages on its 15.21 acres of West Austin. And if you’ve got $6 million or so lying around, it could now be your house.

The house that Decker and her husband, retired tennis star Andy Roddick, currently live in hit the market in early September. It doesn’t mean the couple is leaving town, though—according to the Austin Business Journal, the couple just decided to downsize their Austin footprint by moving to a smaller place in the city.

The Roddick-Decker estate is massive and tasteful, even if it lacks some of the extravagances that other celebrity real estate listings in Texas have displayed recently. There’s no bowling alley, as in Deion Sanders’s old place in Prosper, nor is there the ornate movie theater of Selena Gomez’s house in Fort Worth. It doesn’t even have the fourteen hand-sculpted, custom masonry fireplaces of King George Strait’s castle in San Antonio. Of course, none of those details actually led any of the homes’ famous owners to make a sale–Gomez’s is currently on the market for $300,000 less than the original asking price, Sanders’s was set for auction in December and rescheduled indefinitely, while Strait’s was briefly listed at $10 million in August before being taken off the market.

Maybe Roddick and Decker will have better luck with their home. Yes, $6 million is a lot of money, but it’s not unprecedented in the swanky Austin neighborhood they’ve called home. A massive nearby estate on Crystal Mountain Drive—which featured 128 acres, as well as a 6,000-square-foot house—sold for a staggering $21.8 million last July, and other properties in the neighborhood currently on the market range from $5.5 million to $7.5 million.

The house features fire pits overlooking the hills and a massive pool. Inside, there’s a full guest suite along with the five main bedrooms, and the house is decorated with custom touches like the reclaimed wood beams, which the Business Journal says came from the Chicago Stock Exchange. It’s all a fairly Gaines-y aesthetic that mixes things like rustic exposed wood in the kitchen with white marble countertops, or custom copper bathtubs with Edison bulb light fixtures. The interior decorating—which presumably isn’t included (but who knows, maybe you could make an offer?), includes touches like a neon kitchen sign that reads “The Pressure Is Good for You,” a whimsical “That’s All Folks!” piece in a hallway, and what sure appears to be a giant display that reads “YOLO.”  All of which gives a little bit of insight into the personalities of Decker and Roddick—two Texans who don’t appear to be going anywhere except to a slightly smaller place in the city.