Houston is emerging as the Great Rift Valley of strippers—or, at least, stripper tell-alls.

First there was Sarah Tressler, the Houston Chronicle society reporter who lost her job after being outed by the Houston Press as a stripper-blogger.

And now there’s Taylor Cole, a small town Texan who now works at LaBare in Houston. Cole is now sharing his story—and his six pack—on Jezebel (glomming on, perhaps, to the recent Magic Mike craze.)

Cole, who hails from a small, unnamed Texas town, got his start when he was sixteen, after he participated in an amateur night at La Bare. He returned to dancing two years later after befriending a male stripper at the gym.

His career has left him with a bevy of cocktail stories. Once, while prepping for strip-o-gram dressed up as a cop, Cole and his friend were hassled by the actual law. His other exploits include carrying drag queen during a gay pride parade and modeling for a series of erotic romance novels. He also picked up the talent of seducing women with just his eyes. (“Each woman needs to feel as if she’s the only girl out of all the girls in the room, better yet the only girl in the world,” he wrote.)

Cole loves his life as a male stripper, writing:

It might be hard for someone to understand who hasn’t been in the business. It might seem cheesy or meaningless. But for a young shy boy from a small town, it’s like scoring the winning touchdown during the Super Bowl. I still get so excited on Saturday night when I’m about to walk out on stage. I step out and the roar from the girls is music to my ears. Every time I look into the white glare of the spotlight and feel its warmth on my face and hear the cheers, I’m home.

Tressler’s book, Diary of an Angry Stripper, debuts in print on July 15 (it’s already available as an e-book), and Cole’s, titled Take It Off: Confessions of a Male Stripper, is still a work in progress.

The Houston Chronicle (which Tressler is suing for alleged sexual discrimination) ran a story in late June that draws on the knowledge of Cole and two other male strippers to fact-check Magic Mike.