A reality star who appears on Big Rich Texas is suing a socialite who was not cast on the show for defamation.

In her lawsuit, Pamela Martin Duarte claims that Dena Miller, who is married to the grandson of real estate tycoon Henry S. Miller, assumed that she was a “shoe-in” for the show. When she didn’t make the cut, Duarte alleges Miller took to the Internet to smear her.

“Miller and her cohorts [Merritt Patterson and Bonnie Blossman Myer] who are also jealous of Pam’s success, have engaged in a cyber-bullying campaign to defame Pam by maliciously and falsely accusing Pam of, among other things, being: 1) a former stripper; 2) a drunk who pays her bills by servicing old men and stealing credit cards; 3) a sociopath; 4) a pathological liar; 5) a criminal; 6) a gold digger; and 7) a drunken barfly,” the lawsuit alleges, according to Courthouse News‘s David Lee.

The Style Network reality show, now in its second season, features five mothers and their daughters as they try to claw their way to the top of Dallas’s social scene.

Duarte, who calls Miller a “narcissist” in the suit, is seeking punitive damages for “business disparagement, defamation, libel, slander, tortious interference with contract and prospective business relations and civil conspiracy,” Lee writes.

Duarte, who tweets @BigRichTexasPam, is described this way on the Big Rich Texas website:

Married to a gorgeous,successful husband and mother to two beautiful daughters, Pamela calls it like she sees it. She is a global marketing executive, an accomplished fiction author and the epitome of southern charm. Her connections and influence make her the center of power at the club, and she’s determined to ensure her daughter Hannah follows in her footsteps.