Nov. 22 1963

Dear Mrs. Kennedy,

I was at school when I heard about the President. I cried for two or three minuts. My mother also cried, and so did my teacher Mrs. Mansir. I was very sad for President Kennedy. He was my friend even though he didn’t know me. Some of my school mates hid their faces in their arms in sadness. I told my father that I wish we could have you and your children to care for. Today I saw you and your husband at Carswell Air Forse Base. He was happy. It was terrible to have him shot. Ive been watching T.V. sense 3-40, friday. I respected him, I liked him. Would you please if you can send two photographs of you and President Kennedy. Thank you.

1901 Aden Rd.
Fort Worth 16, Texas

David Blair McClain

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