1:10 pm
Nov. 22, 1963

From a student of North Texas State University

The radio sat in the window of the second floor dorm window blaring out the sad news that our President had been shot! People walking around in twos and threes stopped their happy chattering and stood silently on the street, waiting – listening – wondering – praying. It was a beautiful fall day – it was almost like spring – so balmy and lovely was the day, but a glum palor hung over the campus of NTSU. Cars drove slowly by, some stopped to listen, classes were excused, all activity on NTSU campus halted as we waited. We had thoughts only of our President. All Texans are ashamed of Dallas. God help our President.

He is dead! God receive his soul.

Mrs. Kennedy, I love you and I will pray for you.

God Bless You,
Eileen Mitchell

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