Peter Berg, the creative force behind the Friday Night Lights football franchise, really meant it when he had bad boy Tim Riggins boast, “Texas forever.”

MTV has reported that Berg — and former TV showrunner, Jason Katims — have almost completed a script for a movie adaptation of Friday Night Lights, the television show, which is based on Friday Night Lights, the movie Berg made in 2004, which is based on Friday Night Lights, the book written by Buzz Bissinger, Berg’s second cousin.

So how does Berg plan to freshen up a rehashed story about simple stuff like West Texas, football, and family? By adding pirates, of course! Berg said the focus of a possible fourth iteration of Friday Night Lights would revolve around a maligned mastermind modeled after former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, whose pirate fetish S. C. Gwynne of TEXAS MONTHLY chronicled in 2009.

Berg talked about the plotline with MTV‘s Kara Warner:

[Katims] has come up with a really great storyline that parallels what happened to Mike Leach, one of my heroes, a coach at Texas Tech who was unjustly fired and unjustly accused of mistreating a player with a concussion, which was proven to not have been the case. He’s now at Washington State getting ready for what I think will be a great redemption story.

Reminding Texas voters of their loss on the gridiron is the last thing Craig James, the fifth-generation Texan who is a candidate for the U.S. Senate, wants to hear. James’s son, Adam, is the player Leach allegedly mistreated, and James was a catalyst in Leach’s departure.

But at the same time, news of another Friday Night Lights movie is a dish of eye candy for fans of Taylor Kitsch, who played Riggins, the television show’s heartthrob. Because Kitsch is the protagonist in Battleship, Berg’s just-released movie, it would seem he’s a lock. Sonia Smith of TM Daily Post even portended as much in her report on Kitsch’s budding movie career.

Back in August, when talk surfaced of another Friday Night Lights, Margaret Lyons of Vulture said it was a bad idea:

If the show picks up where the finale left off, doesn’t that mean the film will be set in Philadelphia? Is it really Friday Night Lights if it’s not in Texas?