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Denim has never looked or lasted better.

By November 2013Comments

Photograph by Chris Plavidal

There’s no article of clothing more American than blue jeans. Initially an inexpensive garment created for factory workers (and soon embraced by cowboys), the “waist overall” is now a universal wardrobe staple that can easily cost two or three hundred bucks. Among the Texas outfitters featured here, that price reflects premium materials, creative cuts and stitching, and small-scale, labor-intensive production—all part of a commitment to long-lasting, impeccably crafted denim pants, in styles that vary from old-school work wear to lean rock-and-roll silhouettes.

1. Most of the pieces from Austin-based Traveller Denim, founded by Selenia Rios and Erik Untersee, are custom-made, but ready-to-wear options are also available. This fall their line of selvage denim items is expanding to include jackets, work shirts, and women’s styles.
From $225; travellerdenim.com

2. Whether bespoke or off-the-rack, every pair of skinny jeans from Houstonite-by-way-of-Belgium Diane Izzedin has these signature elements: 2 percent elastin for the perfect amount of give and thick Number 10 gold zippers for an industrial vibe.
From $250; vodboutique.com

3. Austin’s Richard Cole gets a third of the fabric for his Paleo Denim men’s jeans from Plains Cotton Cooperative, in Lubbock. Cole works in limited batches and does all the sewing himself; he’s currently taking pre-orders for his next batch, due in January.
From $235; paleodenim.com

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