Dear Mrs. Kennedy,

I am a Catholic also, I go to Saint Georges School. I can remember Nov. 21, the day before you came. We go to mass every day, then we go to lunch. This day was different, after mass our pastor told us to sit down. I wondered to myself “Whats going on?”) Then he told us some wonderful news “Our wonderful president and his lovely wife are comming tomorrow.” Then terrible news “Only the 7th and 8th graders are going,” and wouldn’t you know I’m in the 6th grade! I couldn’t stand it! They got to go and I dident!

But we got to watch you on T.V. (There was such a big crowd, they didn’t get to see you anyway.) When you didnet come, we got worried. Our class clapped when President Kennedy came, yet when you dident arrive, it left us wondering. We noticed that he didn’t smile. His first realy and truly grin, was when he saw you. Everyone in our classroom cheered and appauled. What excitement.  

After mass we went to choir pratice. I am an alto. We heard the phone ring, and after a moment she hung up (our principle Sister Leanardice) and rushed away. Everyone but me, was calm. I sencted something was wrong. Then the mikeraphone was turned on, an a sad foice said “Kneel down and pray, the president has been shot.

Nearly everyone broke into tears. I tried to control myself. Then we heard that he was dead. I couldn’t believe it. Nancy Keeney who can’t controle herself, and who had cried sence he had been shot fainted, I almost did. We went for the lowering of the flag. Then we said a rosary for him. Everyone even me, cried, except for Debra De Milo, all she worried about was war. I got mad and told her “Fine time to worry about war. The president is dead, worry about him, he’s more important.

That evening large headlines covered our newspapers front page. Kennedy slain, Connally wounded. I wish I was as brave as you.

My sister goes to Incarnet Word said that his hair was surprisingly light.

If at all possible send me a picture of your family. Also, if you have any time tell me a little about your family.

Mary McMillen

6728 Victoria Ave
Fot Worth 18, Texas

At least I can say, “The president had his last meal in my town. I can Also say “I was born in Washington D.C. (Doctors Hosbitle)

Yours Sincerly

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