Another month, another acclaimed Matthew McConaughey movie. On the heels of Bernie and Magic Mike comes Killer Joe, the Dallas-set William Friedkin film (based on the play by Tracy Letts) which opens August 3. Perhaps you’ve heard about the chicken scene (or read Christopher Kelly’s story in May’s TEXAS MONTHLY).

McConaughey hit The Daily Show on Tuesday night, complete with a big “Hook ‘Em” entrance.

He and Jon Stewart also discussed his need to lose thirty pounds for his upcoming role as an AIDS patient in the Dallas Buyer’s Club, his current string of more provocative parts, and what he learned from Bernie and Dazed and Confused director Richard Linklater.

“The scripts I was getting about two years ago, everything I had read, I was like, ‘okay, I’ve done a version of that before,'” McConaughey said. “These five independents kind of came back to back to back to back to back. And all the roles were very different, they all were characters that really don’t pander or placate to anybody’s rules but their own, sort of very singular willed characters that… I was a little bit scared of.”

If you need more McConaughey, he also did CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday.