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Meanwhile, in Texas

Some crazy stuff went down last month. Here are a handful of headlines you may have missed.

By May 2015Comments

Illustration by Ross MacDonald

  • A rented Lamborghini, worth about $200,000, was found wrecked and abandoned on a Dallas highway.
  • The University of Texas at Austin raised the price of football tickets, citing, among other things, the increased cost of feeding athletes.
  • Lucy Coffey, the oldest living female veteran in the United States, died in San Antonio at the age of 108.
  • The Dallas Morning News reported that the Richardson Police Department asks job applicants if they have ever engaged in sexual contact with a corpse.
  • Cornell University researchers involved in simulating disease transmission announced that Big Bend National Park would be the safest place in Texas during a zombie outbreak.
  • The Houston rodeo was attended by 1,377,477 paying customers, beating the previous year’s record by 61.
  • Texas Tech researchers received a grant from NASA to study the effect on worms of living in the International Space Station. A research firm determined that downtown Austin has more bars per capita than any other zip code in the country.
  • A nine-year-old Mineral Wells boy was rescued by neighbors after falling down a well.
  • Vandals returned fifteen plaques that had been stolen from a Fort Worth church during a crime spree in which a statue of Jesus was decapitated.


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