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Meanwhile, in Texas . . .

Some crazy stuff went down in Texas in the past thirty days. Here are some of the headlines you may have missed.

By December 2015Comments

Illustration by Ross MacDonald

  • An urn containing the ashes of a Victoria family’s matriarch was saved by firefighters responding to a house fire.
  • A thief stole a barbecue pit from the John Mueller Meat Co., in Austin.
  • Turbo, a 110-pound African spurred tortoise, was returned to his owner after escaping his home and touring Houston for a few hours.
  • Publisher McGraw-Hill Education apologized for referring to slaves as “workers” in a geography textbook used by Texas schools.
  • An Angleton twelve-year-old has been sneezing all day, every day, roughly twelve times a minute, since September.
  • A Tarleton State University professor resigned after reportedly suspending himself from a tree in front of his students using ropes and stakes that were pierced through his chest.
  • NBC revealed that it is developing a TV series based on Wendy Davis’s failed gubernatorial run.
  • A Jarrell man attending the Red River Showdown as part of his personal bucket list suffered a heart attack just before halftime and survived, thanks to the quick attention of paramedics who were on duty at the game.
  • A thirteen-year-old boy being attacked by a shark off the coast of Galveston was saved by his seventeen-year-old brother, who punched the fish in the side.

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