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One Degree of Jim Magnuson

Over the past 23 years, the founding director of the Michener Center for Writers has helped launch countless literary careers. Here are a few of the program’s most notable graduates.

By April 2017Comments

Fountain: Matt Valentine; Virginia Reeves: Suzanne Koett; courtesy of Roger Reeves; Hannaham: Hannah Ensor/The University of Arizona Poetry Center; Magnuson: Matt Valentine; Meyer: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC Networks; Powers: Christy Whitney; Mahajan: Molly Winters; Kelly: John Jackson

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  • Kozmo

    It’s not easy to be admitted to that program, it is a highly competitive and selective process. Who’s to say that the graduates weren’t already on the road to professional writing when picked, that they would have become successful anyway? The program skims of the cream and basks in the reflected glory. Does the program really create talent, imbue talent, or is it just a superb resume padder and networking provider?