It will probably take Randy Travis’s reputation “forever and ever” to recover from this one: the country star was arrested Tuesday night after he was reportedly found naked outside of his wrecked car near Tioga.

The Dallas Morning News reported that someone phoned in a report about a single-car accident and a naked man in the road, citing the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office. (Also sad: according to the New York Daily News, Travis drives a 1998 Pontiac Trans Am.)

Why was Travis naked in his car? The Dallas Observer‘s Eric Nicholson perhaps summed it up best: “Pretty much everyone is now reporting that Travis walked naked into a Grayson County convenience store to buy cigarettes last night, crashed his car, then lay, still naked, in the middle of Farm-to-Market Road 922.”

The troopers at the scene smelled alcohol on him, but were forced to obtain a warrant to draw his blood after he refused a breathalyzer test, the DMN reported. And, as if being found naked outside of his wrecked vehicle weren’t enough to tarnish his image, Travis also allegedly threatened to kill the troopers who were arresting him.

Travis then endured a naked ride to the Grayson County Jail, according to TMZ, and was booked on a count of driving while intoxicated and retaliation and obstruction.

By the time he was released on Wednesday, someone had taken pity on him and supplied him with blue scrubs and an orange baseball cap to wear.

This is Travis’s second alcohol-related arrest in seven months. In February, he was arrested in Sanger and booked on a public intoxication charge after he was allegedly found drinking wine straight from the bottle in his Trans Am, which was parked in front of a church.

Both his mugshots can be seen below (February at left, August at right). Judging from his mugshots alone, Travis’s life seems to have taken a turn since his February arrest.

But things didn’t always look so grim for the country superstar. Watch a music video from a brighter time in Travis’s life: