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The Culture

Richard Linklater Builds His Dream House

A look inside Theater One.

Nick Simonite

In late May director Richard Linklater saw a vision he’s had for more than thirty years come to life when the AFS Cinema opened in Central Austin. The two-screen theater, created by Linklater in association with the Austin Film Society, focuses on art-house, international, and classic films; this month, among numerous other offerings, it will revive a 1982 West German horror film, screen a new documentary about the jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan, and host an “Old School Kung Fu Weekend.” Intended as a haven for both serious film buffs and regular moviegoers, the venue will feature a full bar and a lounge area for post-movie confabs. Scattered throughout those common areas are several items from Link­later’s personal collection of memorabilia. “We wanted the cinema to be warm and welcoming, and to emanate our devotion to film,” he says. Here are Link­later’s descriptions of a handful of the items.

Tags: Film