The rumor mill has been churning for more than a year that legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has taken up residence in Austin with his singer-songwriter paramour and Sensational Space Shifters bandmate Patty Griffin (Michael Corcoran even tweeted about a Plant sighting). Last week, Plant finally confirmed his status as a married man and honorary Texan.

In a new interview with the Independent, rock god Plant admitted that he “eloped and ran off to Texas,” refusing to elaborate further on the nuptials. “I spend half my time there and half here [in the UK],” he said.

However, Plant doesn’t seem to be living in the lap of luxury in Texas; he told reporter Tim Cumming that he’s been living in a rented “old crack house” infested with termites. “I tap my hand on the table and they fly out the walls in this huge cloud, like something from a Disney film,” he said.

No word on why the rock and roll legend has chosen such a squalid spot for his stay in our state’s capitol city; someone please find the man a better realtor.