Beyoncé shared photos from her summer trip to Marfa and West Texas on her Tumblr. Bey swung by Food Shark, stayed at El Cosmico, and made a mandatory stop at Prada Marfa.

See a selection of photos below, or view them all at Beyoncé’s Tumblr:

Beyoncé’s trip elicted (mostly) coos of joy from the Internet (including a breathless post from Paper Magazine‘s blog titled “Beyoncé Updated Her Tumblr!”)

“In case you weren’t aware, Beyoncé is from Houston, Texas—we know, it’s hard to believe she didn’t just descend from the heavens all glowy and fully-formed at birth, but there you go. B’s a Texan,” Hilary George-Parkin gushed at Styleite. “The singer took a trip back to her home state last month with her sister, Solange, her mom, and a couple lucky friends. They drove around Texas, got back in touch with real Amuricuh, and took loads of pretty pictures of the whole thing.”

At Olive Juice, blogger Laura Uhlir praised Bey for her choice of destination: “I love that arguably the most famous pop star in the world can get down and have a good time in West Texas. Not that it’s hard to have a good time in Marfa. It’s the dreamiest little town and certainly the first place I think of when I get a little wanderlust. Good on you, B.”

Perez Hilton was also impressed by Beyoncé’s willingness to share her life with the world, writing that this is “exactly WHY we adore Beyoncé as much as we do!”

But Caity Weaver took a little time to be catty about the photos at Gawker, writing “the magical thing about Texas is that everything bright-colored becomes Art against the state’s washed-out sandscape backdrop. A jalapeño pepper in your hand becomes Art. Your friend pushing a cart next to some of the grocery store’s more expensive soup and salad selections becomes Art. A yellow shirt in front of shipping pallets: many an Art is here.”