Gratuitous Texas comedy that has nothing to do with Rick Perry? Yes, please!

Funny or Die’s latest clip, “The Size of Texas,” is a parody of such end-of-the-world dramas as Deep Impact and Armageddon, a.k.a. films from the “disasteroid” genre.

Written and directed by Scott Gairdner, the video, which stars character actor Clint Howard (vaguely reprising his role as the Apollo 13 control room operator) and Beau Bridges (as the President) is more of an absurdist meditation on the use of state size as a metaphor.

“It’s the size of Texas, Mr. President!” Howard’s character exclaims—a line of dialogue lifted directly from Armageddon, as Nick Rallo of the Dallas Observer noted.

“I disagree sir,” says his colleague. “It’s at least two Texases, give or take a New York or two.”

The back-and-forth continues, with a Republic of Texas joke (“Well, when Texas was an independent in the 1840s, its borders were much larger . . .”) as well as several others we won’t spoil for you.

This being the Internet, there’s also a few naughty words (read: NSFW). Here’s the video in full: