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That’s Right (They’re Not from Texas)

Why are international bands so obsessed with Texas?

By June 2017Comments

When a publicist sent out notice that the folk band All Our Exes Live in Texas was heading out on its first U.S. tour, we wondered where in Texas the mandolin-pickin’ quartet resides. Houston? Abbott? Poteet? Nope. It turns out that All Our Exes live in Australia.

A brief Google search reveals that this kind of bait and switch isn’t unusual. Bands from all over the world have piggybacked on Texas’s international reputation for, well, a few different things. To better understand this phenomenon, we’ve put together a taxonomy of groups that aren’t actually from Texas but would maybe like you to think otherwise.


A lot of non-Texan hardcore, post-hardcore, and deathcore bands have Texas in their names. Maybe they’re raging against the blond hair and big suburbs. Or maybe they just really like Pantera.

A Night in Texas
“Technical Deathcore”
Brisbane, Australia
Nights spent in Texas so far: 0

Texas is the Reason
New York City, New York
Conspiracy theory referenced in one song: Texas Democrats loyal to LBJ assassinated JFK.

Texas in July
Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Dubious reason for their name: Their drummer once visited Texas during the month of July.

Texas Thieves
“SoCal hardcore punk revivalists”
San Francisco, California
Not to be confused with: Thieves, a punk band based in Central Texas


Making country music is tricky if you’re not really from the country. However, a Texas name can make a sonic carpetbagger seem more down-home.

All Our Exes Live in Texas
“Acoustic Folk”
Sydney, Australia
Song not about Texas: “Childhood Home”

Goodnight, Texas
“Folk rock”
San Francisco, California, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dubious reason for name: “At the midway point…between San Francisco and Chapel Hill…sits an unincorporated town called Goodnight, Texas.”

Little Texas
“Early nineties pop country”
Nashville, Tennessee
Why they are, arguably, a little Texas: One member was born in Oklahoma but raised in Arlington, where he met another band member.


When a European synth act puts Texas (or a Texas city) in its name, it’s probably an attempt at humor. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Klaus.

Austin Newcomers
“New York-style indie rock”
Besançon, France
Song nominally about Texas: “Houston”

Stockholm, Sweden
Percent of band members sporting a mullet in 2014: 33.3

Texas Faggott
“Weirder-edge psychedelic trance”
Helsinki, Finland
Finnish word for weirder-edge psychedelic trance: “Suomisaundi”

Texas Motherfuckers
“Garage punk”
Malmö, Sweden
Swedish-est band member name: A three-way tie between Ulrich Ruchlinski, Peter Särnegårdh, and Magnus Larsson

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  • Alan LaRue

    Don’t forget the Texas Tenors! Their entire back story is bogus. One of them was living in Katy at the time the group started, but he’s not from here. They were all professional musicians but you have to dig under the surface to discover that. The one pseudo-Texan is said to have been laid off, so you’d assume it was from an oil industry job. Nope! It was because his part had been written out of the soap opera he was acting in.

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