An Abilene church is “following the example of Jesus” by setting up shop in a local bar. Beginning March 24, Southern Hills Church of Christ will kick off their “Bar Church,” offering Sunday morning services every week at Memories Country & Western Bar.

“[Jesus] pitched his tent among tax collectors and prostitutes,” the new endeavor’s promotional video explains. “He dwelled among the . . . hurting people, non-religious people. Simply put, Jesus met people where they were.”

And that’s what Southern Hills is aiming to do. The church’s mission is to bring the Gospel to those who have had negative experiences with traditional church settings, its website says. Bar Church will be as nonthreatening as possible, it claims. Instead of pews, church goers can stand or sit on blankets on the floor.

Sermons will be short and sweet, and there will be musical instruments to encourage hymn-singing. Yes, alcohol will be served, but only after the service. Families and children of all ages are welcome.

“This is what it’s all about,” church member Ken Jones told KHOU-TV. “They’ve been told they’re going to hell. They’ve been told it’s all a lie, but they haven’t been told how much Jesus loves them.”

No need to get dressed up in your Sunday’s best. “Come as you are,” instructs the website.