Van Cliburn, Moscow 1958

How a pianist from Kilgore fostered the first thaw in the Cold War.

LBJ Daisy Ad

One of the first—and still the most notorious—televised political attack ad. It aired exactly once, but its power is undisputed.

Little Joe, Las Nubes

Ignore the purple tuxedos; this ranchera by Temple’s Little Joe y la Familia was the official anthem of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers.

Barbara Jordan Impeachment Speech

The Houston congresswoman’s opening statement at the Nixon impeachment hearings, equal parts con-law lecture and indictment of a president, is as powerful and eloquent as any oration ever given on Capitol Hill. Or anywhere.

Farrah Fawcett, Battle of the Network Stars 1976

The quintessence of Texas beauty—politesse, intelligence, and great hair—all holding fast through an impossibly fatuous interview with Howard Cosell.

Earl Campbell Highlights

Actually, someone should have told you that Campbell was the greatest running back in history as soon as you crossed the state line. The Tyler Rose was UT’s first Heisman Trophy winner and a three-time All Pro for the Houston Oilers.

Mean Joe Greene Coke Commercial

The ad that established the notion that Super Bowl commercials were as noteworthy as the game starred the pride of Temple Dunbar High School and North Texas State.

Ann Richards, Democratic Convention

The then state treasurer’s keynote takedown of Bush 41 at the 1988 Democratic convention propelled her into the Governor’s Mansion in 1991.

Bottle Rocket, Short Film

The rookie card of six-time Oscar nominee and Houston native Wes Anderson.

Joe Jamail Texas-Style Deposition

“Come over here and try it, you dumb sonuvabitch.”

Tuff Hedeman, Bodacious Wreck

Proof that you’ll never be a real cowboy and the reason that fact shouldn’t bother you.

George W. Bush, Bullhorn

A Texan variant of “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

McConaughey Oscar Acceptance Speech

Water always finds its level, and the good ol’ boy from Uvalde is more than meets the eye.

This piece is just one bit of wisdom offered in our April 2015 cover story, Welcome to Texas! a friendly user’s guide for our state’s most recent transplants. To read more advice, go here.