Bevo and Reveille as pals? You probably think this “Quikmeme” photo says it all.

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You’d be wrong.

Earlier this summer, the two mascots met for the first time at Sunrise Ranch in Liberty Hill, Bevo’s home away from DKR-Memorial Stadium.

It’s a story that was first reported by Adam Winkler of Austin’s KEYE and eventually made its way to other media, including the Alcalde, which spread the word to University of Texas Exes, and the Bryan-College Station Eagle

(KEYE via The Alcalde)

As the Alcalde‘s Bianca Moragne wrote:

Each summer, the ranch puts on the Sunrise Showmanship Camp, a cattle camp that hosts up to 40 kids and is filled with activities, training, and motivational speakers.

When last week’s speaker, A&M sophomore and Reveille VIII mascot corporal Daylon Koster, offered to bring the pooch along while he met with the kids, Bevo co-owner Betty Baker couldn’t believe her ears.

“That was unbelievable,” Baker says. “I said, ‘Do you realize we are the keepers of Bevo?’”

Koster realized. And he was ready to make history happen.

Stepping behind enemy lines last Thursday, Koster and Reveille finally had the chance to meet Bevo—and to everyone’s surprise the two took a liking to one another.

“She never once barked at him, and he never tried to hook her,” Baker says.

Brooke West of the Bryan-College Station Eagle noted that the Bakers typically bring officers from the Future Farmers of America to the camp, and Koster is a former FFA first vice president.

West also had some further details from the day:

“Daylon took Reveille and our handler took Bevo and they walked out into the wilderness. All you could see was the guys leading their animals and it was just beautiful,” Baker said.

Koster said their literal walk into the sunset signified something more incredible than the moment itself.

“It was a dot dot dot moment. To be continued,” Koster said. “I wouldn’t say friends, I wouldn’t say enemies. There was utmost respect between schools and mascots.”

Coincidentally, Koster is the second straight Reveille handler to spend his summer back on teasip turf. The Austin American Statesman‘s John Kelso wrote a column about Koster’s predecessor, Ryan Crawford, last year.

Below, watch the original video from KEYE’s Winkler: