Bernardo Nolfo

From: New York, NY   To: Austin   Why: Quality of Life 
“I fell in love with the land right away. I am southern Italian, and I like how proud Texans are of their families and traditions.”

Dora Mancera

From: Santiago, Chile   To: Austin   Why: Husband
“I thought the U.S. was a more individualistic society, but Texas is family-centered and everyone can speak a little Spanish.” 

Lucy White

From: Northampton, MA   To: Austin   Why: Optimism
“The first Texas thing I did was drink a Shiner and attend a ‘Don’t Mess With Texas Women’ rally at the Capitol. I was sold right then.”

Chip Barnett

From: Chicago, IL   To: Austin   Why: Family
“The natural gas guy came out to read our meter. ‘Welcome to Texas,’ he said, with a handshake. They don’t do that in Chicago.”

Robin Thirkaul

From: San Diego, CA   To: Austin   Why: Love
“The first Texas thing I did was stop at Buc-ee’s. Wow. That place is seriously amazing.” 

Nikisha Brunson

From: West Springfield, VA   To: Austin   Why: Change
“I love the Southern hospitality, the food, and the creativity. I have been so surprised by how nice everyone is.” 

Lacy Apperson

From: Memphis, TN   To: Austin   Why: Work 
“I like how we are drawn outdoors: to the lake, the trails, the wide-open spaces, and the quiet beauty of the flora and fauna.”

Aaron Alley

From: Los Angeles, CA   To: Austin   Why: Wife
“I was surprised that most people don’t wear cowboy hats and that Texas can be hilly and green. I thought it would be a giant desert.” 

Fabian Lenero

From: Mexico City, Mexico   To: Austin   Why: Work 
“My friends at work kept telling me to get a pair of cowboy boots, so I did. I feel like I am walking in high heels, though.” 

Prabhu Kannan

From: Seattle, WA   To: Austin   Why: Sunshine
“I like the music, food, and weird vibe here. Most locals have been welcoming, considering all the people moving to town.”


Jennifer Littke

From: Los Angeles, CA   To: Dallas   Why: Tranquillity 
“I had forgotten how the kindness of others can affect you in so many wonderful ways. I thank Texas for reminding me of that.”

Charles Smith II

From: New York, NY   To: Dallas   Why: Work
“I like the happy medium here: life isn’t as fast as in New York, but neither is it slow, especially if you’re involved in the community.”

Katie Hollins

From: New York, NY   To: Dallas   Why: Lifestyle
“I love the variety here: an afternoon at the Dallas Museum of Art, a concert in Deep Ellum, a Mavs game, dinner at Javier’s.” 

Regina Campbell

From: Milwaukee, WI   To: Dallas   Why: Work 
“We moved in time for the state fair. I saw the butter sculptures and ate fried Oreos and drank funnel-cake beer.” 

Jonathan Drew Cox

From: Los Angeles, CA   To: Houston   Why: Work
“I was surprised by the feud between Dallasites and Houstonians. It’s mainly Houston thinking it’s better; Dallas seems indifferent.”

Micah Piven

From: Chapel Hill, NC   To: Houston   Why: School 
“I was surprised by the amount of construction going on all the time and how bad the non-highway roads are. So many potholes!”

Peter Vogel 

From: Portland, OR   To: Houston   Why: Opportunity 
“Houston has been a pleasant surprise. It’s full of opportunity, history, and distinct neighborhoods with big personalities.”

Jessica Shea Ballif

From: Los Angeles, CA   To: Houston   Why: Love 
“My fiancé is a combat war veteran. Everyone here is so patriotic and supportive; I’m happy that we’ll raise children in a state with great values.”

This piece is just one bit of wisdom offered in our April 2015 cover story, Welcome to Texas! a friendly user’s guide for our state’s most recent transplants. To read more advice, go here.