How much would you pay for a picture of Blue Ivy’s face? If you’re US Weekly, that sum could stretch up to $500,000.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z opted to release Blue’s first pictures on Tumblr, bypassing that cash and hoping to “reduce the bounty on their child’s head,” according to the Huffington Post.

But the thirst for photos of Blue Ivy has yet to be quenched and the bounty stands at a cool half a million dollars, the Daily reported: “Recent images of Blue’s Marc Jacobs baby-slippered feet dangling from Mom’s Baby Bjorn don’t count. ‘It has to be her face, and it has to be cute,’ X17 paparazzi agency president Frank Navarre told Flash.”

Jessica Simpson, who is due in May, is expected to be able to cash in on $500,000 for the first pictures of her daughter, according to the Daily: “After what seems like Simpson’s seventeen-month gestational period, the paparazzi are gearing up for the first shots of her mini-mogul, due next month. ‘She’s been so big for so long — literally and figuratively,’ an agency head said of Simpson. For now, paps play a waiting game. ‘She keeps having decoys coming out of her house,’ said Gary Morgan, CEO of Splash photo agency.”

This must be balm for the star, who couldn’t find a mag willing to pay that same amount for word on whether or not she was pregnant.