Turquoise, a quintessentially Southwestern adornment, is having a moment. Never out of style in Texas, the mineral is currently a favorite among designers throughout the country. It appears in shades from pale blue to swampy green, is often veined with iron deposits, and may be left in its original form or cut and smoothed into a more refined shape. Going beyond squash blossom necklaces and concho belts, the artists featured here offer modern interpretations. 

1. Inspired by his love of Navajo artifacts, Dallas’s Jason Lenox gives his J. Alexander line of turquoise-embellished boxes an intentional patina. From $59; collectorscovey.com   

2. Since starting her business, in 2005, Amanda Sterett has hired women through the Catholic Charities of Dallas immigration pro-gram to produce her creations, like this bracelet, composed of sixty individual rectangular beads. $175; amandasterett.com 

3. In this design by Houston’s Liz Glanville, a graduate of New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, 42 diamonds encircle a flat-cut stone, which hangs from an 18-karat gold chain. $1,495; devillefinejewelry.com 

4. These sterling silver cuff links are made for Western outfitters Pinto Ranch by Houston silversmith Chris Lang, whose family has been practicing the trade for nearly fifty years. $195; pintoranch.com