Talk about a sugar high.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies recovered 600 pounds of meth in the form of lollipops from a Houston-area home on Tuesday morning. The meth pops sell for $20 or $40 each, giving the bust a street value of nearly $1 million. It’s a pretty shocking discovery, and not just because it’s 600 pounds of candied meth. The lollipops were molded into kid-popular shapes, like butterflies, the Batman symbol, flowers, and Star Wars characters, including a meth-pop Yoda and R20D2 mold.

Ruben Diaz, a lieutenant with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said it seemed as though the lollipops were designed to target kids. The house where deputies recovered the lollipops was close to a school. “And even if they were not sold directly to a child, what if these lollipops were dropped anywhere in the neighborhood?” Diaz told the Dallas Morning News. “A child picking them up is going to see them and think it’s regular candy.”

The deputies found the drugs after a concerned neighbor called police on Monday to report that a house was being burglarized. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they found a man and a woman removing the lollipops from the home. “They had so many narcotics in their vehicle they couldn’t close the back hatch of their car,” Diaz said in a press conference on Tuesday. “It’s just bags and bags and bags of what at least appears to be candy lollipops, but they all have meth inside.”

Evonne Christine Mick, 36, and David Andrew Salinas, 21, were arrested at the scene and charged with possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance. Diaz said investigators believe Mick had stayed at the home before, and she was returning to rob the drug house. Authorities are still trying to identify the producers of the drug.