Great news, Texas! Your ability to enjoy Whataburger condiments from the comfort of your own home is about to expand from “spicy ketchup” to “spicy jalapeno ranch,” “creamy pepper sauce,” and more. 

According to Eater Dallas, the future of the condiment aisle at your local supermarket is about to get a lot more orange-and-white stripey

Texas-based fast food burger legend Whataburger is continuing its expansion into grocery store condiment aisles: They’ve just launched their retail line of “signature sauces” which includes peppercorn ranch, creamy pepper sauce (“made famous” on the chain’s patty melt), jalapeno ranch and honey mustard. Also being added to the lineup is their “original mayo” which, unlike most other things at Whataburger, has “50 percent less fat and 40 percent fewer calories” than traditional mayo. 

Whataburger first dipped its meaty toe into your neighborhood grocer’s waters in May 2013, and included ketchup of both the “fancy” and much-beloved “spicy” variety, as well as mustard of the “yellow” kind. Whatafries, which taste like stale room-temperature french fries—though we mean that in a good way—soon followed suit. The chain’s interest in dominating the supermarket continued apace throughout 2014, as they added breakfast options including their honey butter and pork sausage. Pancake mix is also available for purchase on the company’s website, though we’ve yet to report a sighting of it in the wild.  

Still, the Whataburger pancake mix and breakfast sausage are mere side-notes to the show, hardly the centerpiece of the chain that its expanded condiment lineup is. All of this stuff, except for apparently the “original mayo” flavor, is presumably not the healthiest food in the aisles, but let’s embrace YOLO while clutching a Whataburger in each hand. 

(image via Whataburger)