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A Tornado Snuck Up On The Frisco RoughRiders Baseball Game Last Night

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Fun-fact: There’s a minor league baseball team in Nebraska called the “Omaha Stormchasers.” Sadly, they were not the opponent that the Frisco RoughRiders, who are the Texas Rangers’ AA ball affiliate, were playing on Thursday night, when an actual friggin’ tornado swooped toward the stadium. The view from the plate (and the stands) during the evening’s about as intimidating as it gets, as evinced by the photos tweeted out by Fox 4. 

The tornado did not suck the players into a vortex, however, though the game was canceled. The RoughRiders website lists the official cause of cancelation as “rain,” which is more subtle than saying “apocalyptic clouds” on the historical record. 

The storm did minor damage to the area, and four people were injured in Greenville. 

(h/t Dallas Observer)

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  • Adrian

    Not an actual tornado, but a wall cloud that had the potential to turn into a tornado, but lacked the circulation and updraft.

  • Richard

    Correct Adrain and their is no journalistic value pushing this photo as tornado, just shock value.

  • guest

    That’s not even a wall cloud – they are generally flat. But it surely isn’t a tornado. One that big would definitely have caused more than just minor damage as well. I would guess based on the rain indicator and what would appear to be wind that there could have been some damage caused by the downdraft straight line wind this storm produced, but certainly not a tornado by any imagination. Some people think if a cloud lowers and is the shape of a funnel it is automatically a tornado – this one is not.

  • dihardly

    are all of you based in norman okla