The Waco biker shootings, incessant and torrential rainfall, and the woes of Blue Bell have been three of this summer’s dominant, ongoing stories. Apprehensions regarding the onset of next month’s Operation Jade Helm have been a fourth.

Though we are not hearing as much dark Jade Helm chatter as we were back in late May and early June, the Texas Tribune reported yesterday that 44 percent of Texans believe that the military would likely be used to impose martial law. Almost half of us.

And this being America, perhaps the most conspiracy-minded country ever to exist, there are those who do believe that all these stories tie together, pretty as an able seaman’s knot.

We’ve already reported that some believe that the Memorial Day floods and Tropical Storm Bill were creations of government weather machines designed to soften up the Texas populace for the upcoming federal occupation, imposition of martial law, and mass incarcerations in Walmarts reconfigured as prison camps. And there is dark talk that the Twin Peaks bloodbath was a Jade Helm–related false flag attack.

But what if the Blue Bell shutdown was also part of that same nefarious master plan?

There are a few out there who think just that. At some point about a month ago, a convoy of southbound Blue Bell refrigerator trucks was spotted on Interstate 25 in Colorado, apparently intermingled with a military convoy.

And a few bloggers went nuts.

The gist of these and a few other blogs, and many, many message board posts, is something like this:

Did the government shut down Blue Bell because of its two-part plan to both demoralize Texas and seize Blue Bell’s distribution centers and fleet of refrigerated trucks to use as “hidden-in-plain-sight” mobile morgues? And why did those trucks apparently have a military escort?

(As these bloggers like to say, these are only questions, not claims.)

Reached at Brenham HQ, a Blue Bell rep told one of the bloggers that the trucks were simply en route from a facility that had already been shut down in late May to another one that was still open at that point, and that it was just a coincidence that the ice cream trucks and HumVees were rumbling down the road next to each other. (See full statement below.)

Sounds like it makes sense, but then again I am just a simple-minded sheeple.

And the conspiracy theorists are not having it:

See? Not only were the spotted on the same highway, but they also pulled in to the same rest stop at around the same time!!!! BOMBSHELL PROOF! BLUE BELL LIED!

However, the videos from  DAHBOO777 and the Fugazi Report have COMPLETELY DESTROYED any credibility Blue Bell had remaining as ONCE AGAIN, we see Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks involved in the “Raider Focus” war games in Colorado, more proof that corporate America is lying to the American citizens as the United States Military prepares for SOMETHING HUGE in this country and as the 2nd video below clearly shows, whatever it is they are preparing for is MASSIVE as massive amounts of military hardware (and Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks) are seen on the streets of America.

Want more “proof”? One of the bloggers reminds us that Blue Bell’s ties to the Bush family are open record.

So I guess that means they are in cahoots with Obama? Will huge convoys of Blue Bell trucks be coming in right behind the Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Abrams tanks? And will that once-beloved little girl and her milk cow on the side of those trucks come to be seen as a symbol of death and Orwellian dystopia to this and all future generations? Were the Twin Peaks shootings, the epic rainstorms, and the Blue Bell shutdown all blended together in a dark-site creamery into a half-gallon of Jade Helm brand Psyops Pswirl?

Or are all these bloggers nuttier than a pint of Blue Bell’s sorely missed pistachio flavor?

And is it normal that 44 percent of our fellow Texans believe that we will be “occupied” by a government that we already are governed by?

Judge for yourself. These are just questions, not claims.

(Photos: AP Images)