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Beyoncé And The Dixie Chicks Showed That You Don’t Mess With Texas Women

They got their outlaw on with ”Daddy Lessons.”

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NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 02: Beyonce performs onstage with Martie Maguire of Dixie Chicks at the 50th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 2, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

When Beyoncé released Lemonade this spring, a silly debate kicked off: did her song “Daddy Lessons” count as country music? The answer was obvious (duh) and it was buttressed by support from her fellow iconoclastic Texans the Dixie Chicks, who began playing the song every night on their 2016 world tour. Still, there were those who argued that Beyoncé didn’t belong in the country world, to which she responded by headlining the Super Bowl, the BET Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and—as of last night—the Country Music Awards, all in one year.

Don’t mess with Queen Bey, in other words. The most passionate and enthusiastic members of the BeyHive, the Dixie Chicks, supported her last night during that CMA appearance, jamming out “Daddy Lessons” for a full-band take on the rollicking Lemonade jam while she and the band intoned the words “Texas” one after another.

It was an uptempo moment during a ballad-laden CMA broadcast, and there was something especially joyful in seeing that come from Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks—two acts who, frankly, would have seemed like an unlikely choice for a marquee showcase at the CMAs back in, say, 2004. It’s an alliance that makes sense, though, with Beyoncé an ultimate outsider in country music, despite her Texas roots, and the Dixie Chicks only recently returned from the exile that was imposed on them for denouncing the president of the United States in the lead-up to the Iraq War. (Meanwhile, the GOP presidential nominee has argued that, despite what he said at the time, he opposed the war as stridently as the Dixie Chicks did.)

The performance incorporated parts of the Chicks’ own “Long Time Gone”—a hit from their pre-exile era—which felt like a nod to a country audience that may not have been entirely ready for the force of nature that is Beyoncé on their big night. But it was served up on the group’s own terms, a further reminder that the Dixie Chicks seem quite happy to have a place in country music these days, but that they are not particularly concerned with making anyone other than themselves happy with the way that plays out. That Beyoncé was in their corner for that moment serves as yet another reminder (as if we needed it) that you don’t mess with Texas women.

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  • TXbornTXbred

    Yes, you don’t mess with Texas women. I did like the performance, but to say these girls are welcome in or back-in to country….will remain to be seen. When I see ‘true’ (old) country being accepted at the BET awards…then, maybe, we will have true non-racism and non-politicalism in this world.

    • Jed

      “When I see ‘true’ (old) country being accepted at the BET awards…then, maybe, we will have true non-racism and non-politicalism in this world.”

      that makes as much sense as complaining that your favorite rock video show doesn’t contain any big band stuff. having musical preferences is not racist. having musical preferences that hinge on the race of the artist is.

      this isn’t hard.

      • TXbornTXbred

        Who said anything about race here. Country has several black artist and Hispanic, etc. and always has. Everyone is saying country has to accept Beyonce…why….is BET going to accept Hank Williams, Jr.? You are the racist. Are do you think you can’t be?

        • Jed

          you just did it again. do you know what the B in BET stands for? who is bringing up BET here besides you? and what does any of it have to do with Beyonce’s music?

          • TXbornTXbred

            Did you even read the article? It was about allowing Beyonce into country….and how that was good and should be accepted. I said let country into BET (and yes I know what B stands for do you?) and the country might have truly jumped to over coming racism. Obviously, you don’t want country or whites at a black event now do you? So why should country have to tolerate an artist that is not country and shows herself (Super Bowl) to be quit racist against whites that are the majority listeners to country music. You want Beyonce at the country event and think everyone should be happy happy and accepting but heaven forbid country is at BET…oh no that is for blacks only. Why should they have a BET award show…do the whites get to have a white award show? Now stop your foolishness…I am tired of your racist azz.

          • Jed

            “do the whites get to have a white award show?”

            apparently that’s what you think CMA is.

            ps – use of the word “azz” is disqualifying. can you not spell ass?

          • TXbornTXbred

            Doesn’t disqualify me at all…you are not the arbitrator. But, of course, you think you are. Typical Leftist.

            The article was about racism and politics in forcing country to accept Beyonce of course they never said Rap, Soul or Hip Hop had to accept Country…now did they? I pointed that out…you don’t like it…I don’t give a crap.

            Now, if you are lonely today, go find someone else to pen pal with…I am trying to watch the college football games…dweeb.

          • Jed

            you still seem to confuse musical genres with races.

          • TXbornTXbred

            Oh poor Leftist…he has no other Leftist to play with this afternoon. As I said take a hike…No one cares about your dweeb azz opinion.

          • Jed

            are you sure you are allowed to use the word “dweeb” here?

            does understanding the difference between the words “black” and “rap” make me a leftist? i know what your failure to understand it makes you.

          • TXbornTXbred

            Evidently you did not read the article. Are you saying that the most people that listen to country are not white? And the most people who listen to Rap, Soul and Hip Hop are not black?

            You are a liar if you say otherwise. The article (you didn’t obviously read) was pushing country to not be racist…which of course there are, as I stated before, people of all colors singing country, so it already was not racist. So why should country have to accept Beyonce and her ilk? Country shouldn’t any more than the BET awards accept whites as winners. Now, if you can’t get that; you are showing what a complete idiot you are.

            Now take your Alinsky tactics and go somewhere else. I thought you Leftist know that No means NO! Quit bothering me…you stalker.

          • Jed

            i have no idea what the racial makeup of rap fans is. shall we ask eminem? (he’s a white winner of a BET award, by the way.)

          • TXbornTXbred

            Oh wow…you came up with one….whoooo hooooo!

          • TXbornTXbred

            The question is did Eminem sing country?

          • Jed

            i think you’ve forgotten your original point.

            take a deep breath, remember your discomfort with black people … go.

          • TXbornTXbred

            No discomfort with black people…that is what a racist like you would think…of course. That has been what you have been pushing from your first post, to me. It was nothing to do with anything concerning music or genre…it was only about being black. As I said there are several black country singers, today. They do quite well. My favorite singer in years past was Charlie Pride and I wish he had sang more the other night. In fact it would have been nice for more of the real country singers to have sang their entire song instead of Beyonce taking up the show time, she did. My first post said I did not dislike her song…but I guess you missed that tidbit. Once again the person writing the article and obviously you think this racial thing only goes one way. Well, it doesn’t…as I said let’s see country on the BET awards and maybe the U.S. might be turning the corner on racial divide. You don’t want that…so who is the racist?

            I have several black friends and Hispanic and four or five Asian friends. Only one of the group thought Beyonce should have been at the CMA. Now take your racist butt and stick it where your sun don’t shine.

  • OBWan222

    I don’t claim to be a country music fan – that was my momma.

    But I like good music and that was just a rousing foot-stomping song with a decided country twang.

    If you can’t just enjoy that, then maybe you’re just too prejudiced to be cool.

  • Rick Young

    Texas birthright, as great as that is, does NOT make up for traitorous, trashy behavior. As a 33 year Police Sergeant, beyonce has NO place around me!

  • All Patriot

    Ahh, the actual talent pool is very shallow. Beyonce talks much the same way someone with a head injury speaks. Her Black Panther half-time show was repugnant. And the Dixie Chicks…they’re still around? Really?

  • Sandra

    I wish Beyonce would wear more clothing. The way she and others expose themselves is disgusting. I don’t think Loretta Lynn or Tammy Wynette would dress like that.