According to a database kept by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been 216 credible (credible!) Bigfoot sightings in Texas, the seventh-most sightings in the nation. Bigfoot has apparently reared his hairy head in every corner of the state, but Montgomery County takes the cake with a whopping sixteen reported Sasquatch sightings.

Here’s one chilling encounter recorded by the organization from Montgomery County back in 2003:

In the summer of 2003 I had an experience that will for ever be burned in the front of my mind. I was with some family members and a friend, we had went horse back riding on a hunting lease that was not in use due to summertime.

We was riding on the dirt roads crossing through-out the lease, when we came to then end of a road. We then started back the way we had just rode. About quarter to a half mile back I had stopped to look at a dead coral snake I hadnt noticed on the way to the dead end. I was facing towards the dead end, when for some reason I looked up towards the dead end. When from outa no-where a very large animal (creature) cleared the width of the road from left to right with about 15 ft from one edge of the brush line to the other. It was completely covered in hair that was redish-brown in color. I turned to the other riders and asked if they had just seen that. They wasnt turned around like I was and was riding in the opposite direction. I told them I just had seen a bigfoot but they tried to explain it away as a cow or deer. I have never seen a cow clear that much distance even at a dead run, I know deer can but this animal (creature) was upright and I could clearly see the motion of the arms like it had made a running jump.

But let’s focus on the recent activity over in Bee County, which was detailed in a special report by Corpus Christi’s KIII-TV from earlier this week. Not even twenty seconds in, and we’re already witnessing a dramatic struggle by the news anchors not to laugh. They’ll learn soon enough that Bigfoot is no joke.

We’re then immediately brought to a bridge near Medio Creek, from which Baldemar Galvan, leader of the Bee County Bigfoot Research Group, is yodeling into the void, singing the sweet song of Bigfoot to call his hairy friend hither. Does it work? Well, no. Disappointingly, there is no subsequent image of Sasquatch sprinting into Galvan’s embrace. Instead, we’re just left standing on that bridge while Galvan makes weird noises. Not the worst place to be, but not the best. Still, just because we don’t see Bigfoot here doesn’t definitively prove there’s no Bigfoot to be seen. It just proves that he (or she, or however Bigfoot identifies, because it’s 2016 and Bigfoot researchers should really be much more inclusive) is maybe just a little shy.

KIII-TV’s Michael Gibson then brings us straight into the secret headquarters of the Bee County Bigfoot Research Group for what appears to be a summit of the organization’s top brass, guys who clearly don’t spend much time in the spotlight (the dude in the white baseball cap is either extremely camera shy or he is hiding a Bigfoot body somewhere beneath the floorboards). Perhaps a bigger mystery than the legend of Bigfoot is why these guys have so many freaking Christmas trees? The only logical explanation is that small pines must double as Bigfoot treats.

One of the researchers is Richard Rabe, a local real estate agent who said his blood ran cold after he spotted a Bigfoot along a nearby creek bed. Unfortunately he didn’t have any photographic evidence of his close encounter, but he did show off a picture of what he said was “a structure built by one of the creatures.” At first glance, it appears to be just a bunch of brush, but if you look closely, well, it still appears to be just a bunch of brush.

According to KIII-TV, the first Bigfoot sighting in the area was way back in 1925, when Bigfoot shocked some cowboys who were just sitting in their Normanna ranch house. As Galvan detailed, the Bigfoot casually poked his head in the ranch house’s window (“Sup?”) and made a sound that is exactly what you’d expect a Bigfoot to sound like:

Wait, what? That’s what Bigfoot sounds like? Gasping like a grandma who just heard her first televised curse word after switching to a cable package that included HBO? The cowboys must have heard wrong. Next up to share his Bigfoot story is Felix Abrigo, who said he saw a “nine-foot tall” Bigfoot “taking big ol’ steps, just out for a leisure walk.” The incident shook Abrigo to his core. He now never dares venture into the brush without a large gun.


At the end of the report, KIII-TV brings in an academic to provide some more insight into the Bee County Bigfoot phenomenon.

The jury is still out on that in Bee County.