Five times a year, the San Antonio Charros gather for a traditional Mexican rodeo, charreada (or charrería), the national sport of Mexico, at the Charro Ranch in South San Antonio. From roping and bull riding to competitive synchronized horse riding, hundreds convene to take in the colorful folkloric ensembles worn in celebration of the traditions that originated among the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century.

Photographer and San Antonio native Mia Baxter became fascinated by the Charros on a trip back to Texas (she was living in New York at the time) and started documenting each event a year ago, creating a stunning body of work that captures the many reverent traditions of the Charros. “In New York, I grew distant from my Texas roots, and I wanted to find and document aspects of the state that inspired me,” Baxter says. “Since I grew up in San Antonio, I knew of the charreada, but when I dove in, I was blown away by the depth and richness of its traditions.”

An exhibit of the photos, Nativo, will be on display at Agave Print (1312 E Cesar Chavez) in Austin from May 19-June 19. 

Photos by Mia Baxter