The Star in Frisco is a sprawling monument to the glory of the Dallas Cowboys. The team practices there. Its executives have magnificent offices there. Fans, meanwhile, can tour the building and see the Lombardi trophies the team has snagged, all the while fantasizing about running into Dak Prescott. And, of course, they can eat, shop, and sleep in the giant mixed-use development intended to help fans more fully integrate their Cowboys fandom into the fabric of their daily lives. (And we mean “fabric” literally—the complex’s Omni Hotel, which opened this week, has the Cowboys star logo on the bedding.)

To show their commitment to the theme, Deep Ellum-based Neopolitan pizzeria Cane Rosso, which is opening a Star location, revealed its pizza oven on Twitter. Take a gander:

Yessir, that there is a 900-degree wood-fired pizza oven designed to bake a thin-crust pizza in 90 seconds. Oh, and it’s shaped football helmet. More specifically, a Dallas Cowboy-themed helmet (the Cane Rosso logo takes the place of the iconic star, presumably to avoid completely sublimating the restaurant’s own branding to the power of the ‘Boys). According to Eater Dallas, the oven’s designer was Naples-based expert Stefano Ferrara, who probably found himself honoring one of the weirder requests he’s ever received from a client.

With its helmet/pizza oven in place, Cane Rosso will open later this year.