There’s no shortage of great music being made in Texas, by Texans: from slide guitars to 808s, from accordians to distortion pedals, the tapestry of Texas includes the traditions of George Strait, Pantera, UGK, At the Drive-In, and Freddy Fender. Today’s burgeoning artists are tomorrow’s legends, and on the Daily Post’s song premieres, artists explain why their latest tracks are worthy of your time and attention. 

This week, Austin indie-pop outfit First Year On Earth brings us “Best Is Yet To Come,” the second single from their forthcoming self-titled EP. Guitarist/singer Ryan Murphy answers our questions below.

Can you walk us through the songwriting process on this song? 

When I began writing this song I was feeling pretty down about how fast time was passing, wondering if I’ve really achieved anything worthy. Once I decided on the line “Maybe my best is yet to come?” the song became much more optimistic. Everything feels better when you believe good things are on the way. So that became the core idea.

When did you know that this song was finished?

When we finished recording the violin parts. My good friend Michael McClintock, who’s a violinist, recorded two tracks over the whole song—both complimenting each other in different ways harmonically. He only had to listen to it a couple of times, then we hit record and let him do what he does.Three or four takes later, we were done. I think his performance really brings the song to life. Something about what he played pulls old emotions out of me—like maybe the song isn’t about looking ahead but rather about leaving the past behind. We’ve all got bad experiences we want to leave behind. Our only real option is to keep moving forward.

Is this the best song you’ve ever written? 

I have no idea? I have a hard time judging my own writing. The songs of mine I like the most usually don’t make it to the studio. There are many unexplainable factors that contribute to people enjoying one particular song over another. I just try to capture how I’m feeling and add some music, then hope it doesn’t sound too cheesy. 

What do you think people should be doing while they listen to this song?

Hmmm. Maybe taking a road trip. A road trip somewhere new.

If you had to compare this song to a food, what food would that be?

Something foreign. 

(Photo by Mimi K. Photography)